Dr Iain McGilchrist: The Brain And A Sense Of The Sacred

11th November 2022.

Dr Iain McGilchrist: The Brain And A Sense Of The Sacred.

Modern Church offers you a chance to hear and engage with one of the most remarkable and highly-acclaimed intellectuals of our time.

Iain’s talk will be based on his encyclopaedic book The Matter With Things: Our brains, our delusions, and the unmaking of the world.

Writes Iain: In The Matter With Things I search out what it is we have lost sight of, all that is there for us to see, if only we were not blinded to it: an inexhaustibly, truly wondrous, creative, living universe, not a meaningless, moribund mechanism. By bringing to bear up-to-the-minute neuropsychology, physics and philosophy, I show not only that these are in no way in conflict with one another, but that they all lead us, time and again, to the same insights. And that this is not in opposition to, but rather corroborates, the wisdom of the great spiritual traditions across the world.

To book: https://modernchurch.org.uk/events/dr-iain-mcgilchrist-the-brain-and-a-sense-of-the-sacred