The Matter with Things: A day’s seminar with Dr Iain McGilchrist: In person event in London

A special thank you to all attendees for making this such a wonderful event, both in person and online.

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Event description

This exclusive day with Iain McGilchrist live on stage was his only full day’s seminar in London of 2023 and will not be repeated.  This event celebrated the launch of the paperback edition of The Matter with Things: Our Brains, Our Delusions and the Unmaking of the World and included two lectures Iain had not presented before in this context:

Lecture one:

What is The Matter with Things? Our brains, Our delusions, and the Unmaking of the world

Lecture two:

Recovering our humanity

There was also an interview and conversation with David Lorimer from the Scientific and Medical Network and an audience Q&A. 

The recording of the event includes the following and will give you around five hours of footage:

    • 10:00 am Introduction
    • Lecture: What is the Matter with Things? Our brains, our delusions and the unmaking of the world – Iain McGilchrist
    • 11:30 am Lecture: Recovering our humanity – Iain McGilchrist
    • 2:00 pm  David Lorimer interview and discussion with Iain McGilchrist on The Matter with Things: Our Brains, Our Delusions and the Unmaking of the World
    • 3:00 pm Audience Q&A

 Through this seminar, Iain explored the relevance of the hemisphere hypothesis in 2023, asking, what is the matter with things? Where are we now? Can we really neglect the sacred and divine? Why, indeed, are we engaged in destroying everything that is valuable to us?  Is it possible for us to recover our humanity?

The Matter with Things presents the most articulate and compelling argument for an alternative philosophy of life. Following the paths of cutting-edge neurology, philosophy and physics, McGilchrist reveals how each leads us to a similar vision of the world, one that is both profound and beautiful — and happens to be in line with the deepest traditions of human wisdom.

It is a vision that returns the world to life, and us to a better way of living in it: one we must embrace if we are to survive.

David Lorimer is a visionary polymath who is Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network, Editor of Paradigm Explorer and Chair of the Galileo Commission. His most recent books are A Quest for Wisdom and his collection of poems, Better Light a Candle.

This event was organised and hosted by Channel McGilchrist & and The Scientific and Medical Network

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