A New Philosophy of Life – Iain McGilchrist In Conversation With David Malone (live event)

Thursday, 2nd November 2023 6:45pm to 8.00pm (in person event)  

Event description.

Join the philosopher and neuroscientist for a profound new story of what the world is and who we are.

Iain McGilchrist’s book The Master and His Emissary was that rare thing: a bestselling classic of modern philosophy with genuine relevance to human life. Its sequel, The Matter With Things, takes McGilchrist’s core insights into the nature of the mind and brain and explores their relevance for the myriad problems of modern life and civilisation.

Drawing together his insights as a scholar and practitioner of medicine, psychiatry, neuroscience, philosophy, theology and the arts, and directly addressing our contemporary malaise and the future of life on earth, McGilchrist joins David Malone live on stage to take us on a journey: this is not a rehearsal of McGilchrist’s previous ideas but an articulate and compelling argument for a new philosophy of living.

How does the brain produce our experience of the world? What role do science, reason, and imagination play in the search for truth – and how much should we trust each of these paths to knowledge? What do they tell us about the nature of the cosmos and of ourselves as its inhabitants? How can we make sense of the building blocks of the universe – time, space, motion, matter, consciousness, values, purpose and the existence or otherwise of what we refer to as God?

For anyone who feels disenchanted with the contemporary way of living and seeks a richer, more humanitarian, more enlightened way of being, this live event is unmissable.

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