A Revolution in Attention: perceptual awakening in Iain McGilchrist’s work – a talk by Dr Mark Vernon

Thursday 6th October 2022 7:00pm – 8:30pm UK time

By Zoom

Dr Iain McGilchrist will introduce Dr Mark Vernon’s talk followed by an audience Q&A.

This was a Channel McGilchrist talk from Thursday 6th October 2022. The work of the psychiatrist and philosopher, Iain McGilchrist, draws on broadly two types of perception. Both required for a right relation with the fullest of the world, which is so often lacking in our times. So what might that wider perception of reality reveal? How might it change experience and stir spiritual awareness? In this talk, Mark Vernon will bring such possibilities into dialogue with insights from some of the great wisdom traditions. Drawing liberally on Iain’s work, he will consider the role of limits as pivots to knowing more, the sense of relatedness and intuiting the whole, and the centrality of letting go to the awareness of eternity.


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