The Master and His Emissary

Video Commentaries

Video 1

The Arrogance of Your Brain’s Left Hemisphere

Video 2

Why Everything You Think You Know About the Brain’s Hemispheres is Wrong

Video 3

How Your Brain’s Hemispheres REALLY differ

Video 4

Why You Lose 70% of Your Brain Before You’re Born

Video 5

What the Frontal Lobes of Your Brain Do

Video 6

What Brain Damage Can Teach You About Your Own Brain

Video 7

How the Left Hemisphere Puts People Into Categories

Video 8

How the Analytical View of the Left Hemisphere Can Cut You Off From Life

Video 9

The Dangers of Relying on Your Analytical Intellect Too Much

Video 10

Do You Really Have Two Brains in Your Head?

Video 11

Where Anger, Frustration and Irritation Come From

Video 12

Does OCD Come From the Brain’s Left Hemisphere?

Video 13

Where Sadness and Sorrow Come From

Video 14

Your Brain When Depressed

Video 15

Why Unrealistic Optimism is a Feature of the Brain’s Left Hemisphere

Video 16

Where Denial, Self Deception and Rationalisation Come From

Video 17

Why High Self Esteem is a Hallmark of the Psychopath

Video 18

Is Our Internal Moral Compass Being Destroyed?

Video 19

How Trust Has Been Eroded in Society

Video 20

The Value of Guilt, Shame and Sadness

Video 21

The Brain’s Left Hemisphere is Literal and Doesn’t Understand Metaphor or Context

Video 22

Our Culture is Becoming ‘More Autistic’

Video 23

Why We’re Losing Our Most Important Source of Wisdom

Video 24

Why the Social Justice Movement No Longer has Anything to Do With Empathy

Video 25

The Left Hemisphere is Arrogant and Hubristic

Video 26

The Belief That Led to the Two Iraq Wars

Video 27

Why Identity Politics is the Left Hemisphere Gone Too Far

Video 28

Why Equality and Fairness are Not the Same Thing

Video 29

The Problem with Rationalistic Arguments

Video 30

The Three Overarching Relationships That We’re Losing Today

Video 31

Is Modern Society Schizophrenic?

Video 32

Dismissed Religion? The Blindness of the Left Hemisphere

Video 33

Society’s Loss of Wisdom and Why We Need Both Hemisphere’s of the Brain

Video 34

Why WHAT We Say is Less Important Than HOW We Say It

Video 35

What Ancient Cultures Knew About Our Minds and We’ve Forgotten

Video 36

An Exercise to Balance Your Brain’s Two Hemispheres

Video 37

Why Traditional Treatments for Schizophenia Worked

Video 38

Why Insanity is NOT Irrational, But Hyper-Rational Instead

Video 39

Why Psychosis is a Left Hemisphere Dominant Condition

Video 40

Why Reasonableness Beats Rationality Every Time

Video 41

One Thing You Need To Do To Be Wise

Video 42

Why Our Pursuit of Meaning is Going Wrong

Video 43

How Ultra-Capitalism Destroys Meaning and Damages People

Video 44

What is Consciousness?

Video 45

Why Are We So Miserable When We’re So Affluent and Free?

Video 46

On Death, Mortality and Boredom

Video 47

On Beauty (And the Coming Together of Opposites)

Video 48

Wisdom as a Harmony of Opposites

Video 49

How Education and Government are Suffering From the Loss of the Right Hemisphere

Video 50

The Movement Between Heaven and Earth: William Blake’s Image of Jacob’s Ladder