Perspectives on the Nature of Reality To  Inform Systemic Change – in person event – in person event

8th May 2023 (registration 5th May latest due to limited spaces) 

Event description.

The event aims to share an innovative and trans-disciplinary thesis addressing the nature of reality, from the perspective of the human brain and philosophy. It hopes to bring a fresh outlook on this topic, stimulating ideas and collective reflection on systemic change. Grounded in the epistemology that individual approaches are  “fingers pointing to the moon”, it invites a range of thinkers and practitioners to explore metaphysical questions from the arts, humanities, sciences, or philosophical and spiritual paths.
This topic and approach are in line with cross-connectivity and innovative thinking embodied by IdeaSquare and the session is organized in conjunction with Terraforming – a pilot course equipping students with big-scale systems thinking abilities and how to induce societal change.
The research, thoughts and opinions represented by Dr Iain McGilchrist are entirely his own and have no connection with CERN as such. The event is by invitation only.

To book your ticket, please send an email to by 5th of May to register, as spaces are limited.