The Realisation Festival (St. Giles, Dorset, UK: in-person event)

29th June 2023 to 2nd July 2023 

Event description.

Realisation is a gathering that is part retreat, part symposium at St Giles House, Dorset. It is for those actively working at the interface between society and soul, and who feel the gravity of our times. Over the course of four days (29th June – 2th July 2023), you will engage with some of the most exciting thinkers and practitioners of our times, share experiences and expertise, music, movement, food and plenty of conversation.

Resourced by an astonishingly beautiful place that carries the memory of the complex struggles of generations and has inspired philosophical and political innovation for centuries, Realisation is a space to reckon with now, imagine alternative futures, and develop a sense of calling and response, independently and together.

St Giles is the home of past politicians, philosophers and social reformers who have had a profound impact on the society in which we live. Our vision is to bring together a wide diversity of people with different views and perspectives to stimulate discussion, provide new insights and allow participants to learn and share ideas with others. Workshops will encourage participants to think, feel and explore what system change feels and looks like, and to reimagine what we are capable of.

You can watch our free taster session ‘What is Realisation?’ on the PERSPECTIVA YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE.

Realisation 2023 builds on our gatherings in July 2021 and June 2022 (you can watch the talks from 2021 here). It arises from a conviction that we live at a pivotal but precarious juncture; a time of reckoning that calls for candid, careful and courageous reflection in order to ‘realise’ a more beautiful, imaginative and thoughtful society.

Read more about the background and aims of Realisation in this piece by Jonathan Rowson, co-founder and director of Perspectiva, What’s the point of The Realisation Festival? (PDF document).

The aim is to foster a greater sense of clarity and a renewed consciousness of the needs of our time, while having a joyful and memorable time together. The weekend will include keynote panels, public dialogue, and embodiment workshops that allow insights to emerge organically. The input from expert speakers will range over history, philosophy, politics, society, nature, science and spirituality.