Diagnosing the Sanity of our Historical Epoch with Bonnitta Roy

Wednesday 29th March, 7pm in the UK, online 

Event description.

Bonnitta Roy is an award winning author, philosopher and insight guide. She currently runs the Pop-Up School, an innovative online educational platform, and has previously held esteemed posts as a Professor in Residence for the MA in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology at the Graduate Institute, and as an Associate Editor of Integral Review. Bonnitta is also an Associate at Perspectiva, collaborating and advising us on myriad projects.

In this conversation, Bonnitta and Iain will focus their conversation on the following question: “Will future generations look back on our historical epoch as a time of collective insanity, and if this is the case, what can we do to address this?” In particular they will explore this layered inquiry with reference to the importance of embodiment – the need to put the mind back into the body, and the body back into nature; as well as the need to revise our fundamental assumptions about the nature of reality if we are to find our way back to collective sanity.


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